Chiral Technologies Expands Custom Separation Services in Asia’s Rapidly Growing Life Science Market

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WEST CHESTER, Pa. (November 13, 2012) — The life science services sector is growing rapidly in Asia as global pharmaceutical companies outsource work in an effort to reduce costs and move medicines to market faster. Following this market dynamic, Chiral Technologies has responded by expanding its capabilities for medium-to-large scale custom separation services in China and India.

“The demand for value-added separation services in Asia is higher than ever as more global pharmaceutical companies outsource their drug discovery studies to this region,” said Dieter Heckmann, CEO of Chiral Technologies. “Chiral Technologies looks forward to assisting new and current global customers with their custom separation projects, small to large, in order to facilitate a faster and more economical path to clinical trials and commercial development.”

The focus of Chiral Technologies’ custom separation services is rapid and cost-effective production of single enantiomer compounds. The company’s global laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art high-performance liquid chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography and simulated moving bed chromatography systems. With the availability of a vast portfolio of chiral stationary phases, Chiral Technologies provides high quality resolutions of chiral compounds in quantities ranging from milligrams to multi-kilograms.

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About Chiral Technologies

Chiral Technologies, the global leader in enantioselective chromatography, serves pharmaceutical and other life science industries and offers the largest portfolio of chiral stationary phases (CSPs) and analytical and preparative chiral columns for the separation of racemic mixtures into single enantiomers. The company also provides analytical method development and custom separation services. Chiral Technologies Worldwide serves the North and Latin American markets through Chiral Technologies Inc. (West Chester, Pa.), the European market through Chiral Technologies Europe SAS (Illkirch, France), and the Asian market through Daicel Chiral Technologies India and Daicel Chiral Technologies China, all wholly owned subsidiaries of Daicel Corporation. Learn more at and


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