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Parker Hannifin Corporation

Booth # 70

Parker Precision Fluidics invites you to visit with us at ASMS 2014 in Baltimore. Visit us at ASMS Booth# 70.

Parker Precision Fluidics Division has a variety of solutions for Mass Spectrometers. Precise, accurate gas control starts with the proper proportional valve or pressure controller. Providing an accurate calibrant valve ensures that results are valid and do not need to be repeated. Parker Precision Fluidics is a proven Mass Spectrometry partner.

Parker's Precision Fluidics Featured Product:

New Smart Syringe Pump Offers Greater Precision
Life Science customers looking for a better solution can find it in Parker’s new smart syringe pump. Our smart syringe pump is the first of its kind on the market. By directly mounting it on a motion system, our smart syringe pump eliminates tubing between pumps and probes, which in turn eliminates any loss in performance due to lengthy transfer lines.

At about one third of the size and weight of standard 30mm syringe pumps, the smart syringe pump offers design engineers the flexibility needed to build a simpler instrument.

The Parker Smart Syringe Pump improves the performance of Clinical Diagnostic and Analytical Chemistry systems by improving resolution and bringing the pump to the point of dispense. This long life pump is designed to a minimum of 5 million cycles, improving system reliability and reducing downtime. Its lightweight and compact size also enables smaller instrument designs, decreasing instrument costs as well as footprint.

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Together, we can enable technologies that improve our lives. From the laboratory and operating room to home health care, Parker develops innovative solutions for health care success. Offering the ability to Order On-line, as well as, compare products, download specifications and configure solutions.


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